Sunday, December 7, 2014

 Sew Along
Week 2
Putting it all together

Layout the blocks in a chevron design, as shown below.  Note: each block will be 'on point', or on the diagonal. The rows will also be on the diagonal. Take a peek at the last picture to see the rows.


I like to work with the quilt laid out on a design wall or on a flat surface. This way I can make sure I am sewing the right blocks together.

Sew the rows. Place two units right sides together, pin, and sew. Repeat until the row is complete.Press.

Cut the four corner squares, and the 12 edges for the top and bottom of the quilt, as shown below.

Sew the edges onto the end of the top and bottom rows, as shown below. Put the triangle in place, and then flip it over and pin it. Taking this step will ensure that the triangle is sewn on in the right direction. Use the same technique for the corners.

Sew the rows together. Place two rows right sides together and carefully pin at seams. Sew. Press. Repeat until the quilt top is sewn.

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