Saturday, November 29, 2014

Blackberry Quilts Sew Along: Cutting Instructions

  1. Press fabric.
  2. White: Cut 3" wide strips. Cut twelve of these strips.
  3. Patterns: Cut two 3" wide strips from each of the six colors. 
{Note: if using fat quarters, trim selvage. Cut one 3" x 18" strip parallel to the selvage. Then cut six 3" strips perpendicular to the selvage(like those shown below).}

Blackberry Quilts Sew Along : Sewing

1. Placing right sides together, sew one white strip to one print strip. Sew with a 1/4" seam allowance.
Tip: Chain stitch, by feeding the next set of strips into the sewing machine, as shown below. This is a real time saver.

2. Press seam allowance to the dark side.  

Tip: To keep everything lined up and square, place iron parallel to the seam, as shown.

 3. Place strip sets on cutting board. Trim away selvages.


4. Cut at 5.5" to create a block. Repeat to the end of the strip. There will be a total of seven blocks per strip set.

Tip: Place a sticky note on the ruler at 5.5"  to mark the correct distance.

5. Sew two blocks together to make a "L" with the print. Press to the dark side.

NOTE: KEEP ONE OF THESE OUT, AND MAKE SURE THAT ALL OF THE BLOCKS LOOK LIKE THE "L" THAT YOU START WITH! It is very easy to end up with mirror images of this block that will not work.

You are on the way to creating a chevron quilt!

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