Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It's time to get cozy! We have ice in the driveway and snow on the way. The ski resort is opening Friday!

It's been a tough week. I hesitate to even say that because my family is still with me, and I don't even know what tough could look like. One of my coping skills is sewing and making stuff. Sew, cut, pin, pray.

This week I'm dedicating a few hours every day to repurposing my treasures.  So far I've taken a 1990s brilliant blue silk shirt and restyled it. $2 and 2 hours. Can't beat that! I forgot how much I love silk. The color is amazing.

3 Step Redo:
1. Mark and cut new neckline.I used the neckline of a pattern. You can also use a favorite top.
2. Cut sleeves to 3/4 length, and make slimmer at sleeve hem.Use trimmings to cut bias strips for neck facing.

3. Create a fake placket on back-fold and press and stitch. Add leftover buttons. 
I used superfine pins , a size 80 needle, and the silk setting on the iron. Be sure to use the straight stitch throat plate when sewing lightweight fabrics!

Next up is a burgundy cashmere sweater vest in extra extra small. Looks like leg warmers and an ear warmer to me!

Do you shop with your hands or your eyes? I am always touching the fabric, whether in fabric stores or clothing stores.  Let me know how you shop, or what you are repurposing and creating! You will be entered in a drawing for some 1930s 5" charm squares! Ends 12/28/12.

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Lee said...

That is a beautiful blue! I love upcyling! I am cutting up tshirts this winter to make my college kids some tshirt quilts!

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