Monday, September 19, 2011

The Creative Connection Event

I had a magical time at The Creative Connection!

My fairy godmother was waving her wand:
  • having four days with my sister;
  • chatting with Darlene Zimmerman about her new amazing ruler that works for lefties or righties or when you're standing on your head;
  • giving an apron to a true blue farm girl;
  • waving at Amy of Inspire Co and saying hi like I've known her forever, and having her wave back;
  • oohing and ahhing over new fabrics coming soon from Carol Van Zandt;
  • talking buttons with Helen of Blumenthal Lansing;
  • meeting the 'white box challenge' that the 8' x 10' booth presented;
  • getting to know Emily and her mom, across the aisle.
The glitter on the fairy wand sprinkled a shooting star over me on the drive home.


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