Saturday, February 26, 2011

National Quilting Month & Giveaway

By the end of February I get antsy! Snow, ice, rain, dark's time to get out of the house.

Let's celebrate National Quilting Month. Join me on a tour of quilt museums! Grab a cup of tea, and make yourself comfortable-our first stop could easily turn into an all day trip.

First stop: The International Quilt Study Center and Museum. Housed in Lincoln, Nebraska, this museum holds a treasure of our quilting history. And, best of all, you can look at the quilts from home! Here is a sample of what you can view:

They even share their extensive collection of quilts with the online collections database. Have you ever gone to a historical quilt show, only to see a sampling of the treasures, released for viewing, then quickly stored and protected again? Now you can look at all of the quilts, for as long as you want!

We will post fabulous museums all month long. Go peek at their quilts, and let us know which quilt caught your eye!

Post a comment here, for each museum, and you will be entered into our National Quilting Month giveaway. Tweeters: Let us know that you tweeted about it in a comment, and you will be entered again!
We are giving away a baby quilt kit of your choice, our fabulous John James needles, and hand quilting thread to the winner.


Lee said...

I love the Jonathan Holstein Collection - especially the wild goose chase quilt. The Univeristy of Lincoln has some beautiful quilts in its collection and it was fun to view them online!

mozarks said...

My favorite is the double wedding ring quilt in the Grace Snyder Collection. Beautiful!!

scottylover said...

Wish I was closer to this museum! I love the 30's and 40's quilts, so would love to see the Grace Snyder exhibit. The Mosaic quilt of hers from 1940 is gorgeous!

Sandy A

Brandi said...

My favorites are the Lincoln quilt and the Double Wedding Ring quilt in the Grace Snyder collection. The Lincoln quilt has great detail and I love the scallop edge. However I love the multi-colors in the Double Wedding Ring quilt on a neutral background. Then again, the Mosaic quilt is fabulous too, who can choose?

Jenn said...

I think my favorite is the corset in the white and corded quilts section. I love that it's simple yet fancy because of the quilting pattern. Just beautiful.

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