Monday, April 19, 2010

What inspires you?

Color inspires me!
I had the pleasure of taking pictures of rainbow colors on Maui this month.
What inspires you? Write me a note, and you will be entered into a drawing, on April 30th, for 1930s charm squares!


Nancy said...

I'm not sure what one thing inspires me, but I sure do love springtime, with all the beautiful shades of green. We live on 18 acres, with a big pasture, a mini-orchard, and lots of woods, and I'd like to do a quilt of that. Who knew green came in so many different shades?

nrbird @

tlbrenda said...

I think that I get inspired by other people and their work. I think that seeing something thru their eyes gives me a whole new outlook !!!


Bev C said...

Trying something new and it working out inspires me. Magazines provide me with inspiration and some beautiful material to work with helps. Happy days to you.

Denise :) said...

Lots of things inspire me! Sometimes it's something I see in a book or magazine. Sometimes it's seeing other people's work. Sometimes it's sitting down at the table with friends and them telling me the pattern they're using to tile behind the stove top! :)

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