Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gifts Week 3

Here is another scrappy project! Make a headband for the girls in your life.

  • two 2.5" x 19-20" wide strips for grownups, or 18" long for a 10 year old girl
  • 3 inches of 1" elastic
  • two 2" x 6" strips

Sew Headband

Iron long strips in half to make them 10" long. To shape the headband, trim away a skinny triangle from each side, making the headband wide at the fold, and skinny at the ends. Mark a point 3/8" in from the cut ends. Draw a 10" line from this point to the edge of the fold. Cut. Repeat on the other side. Shape a curve by trimming away the point at the fold.

Iron 1/4" under on each end of each strip.

Place strips right sides togehter, and stitch a 1/4" seam down both long edges, backstitching at the ends. Turn inside out. Press. Topstitch if desired.

Sew Elastic Sleeve

Place 6" strips right sides together, and stitch both long sides, backstitching at ends. Turn inside out. Thread elastic through this tube, and secure it with stitching at each end.

Finish Headband

Stuff each end of the elastic sleeve into the ends of the headband, making a circle. Stitch across the ends of the headband to secure.

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