Monday, August 24, 2009

The P Word

Sunday-August 23-with 8 days left in the Charm Girls Quilt Challenge-I got the quilt out of the box, and found the other box with the borders.

I found borders almost complete and ready to sew. I found prewashed fabrics. I found a list of what needs to be done yet(!). This is no big deal, I think. So why did I stop? What keeps me from finishing?

As I pin one of 3 borders onto the body of the quilt, I realize that I could have had this baby done years ago if it weren't for this stupendous border I'm building.

Does this fall into the "done is better than perfect" category?
The first border is on!

I'm researching quilters to finish this larger than life quilt. Not sure I can arm wrestle with it on my home machine.

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laura west kong said...

Hi Stef,
Thanks for visiting my blog!

The photo is of Marseille. (I didn't take it ... but maybe one day I'll get to go on a photography/fabric shopping tour of Provence.)

Isn't it funny how even the laundry can be interesting in places like France or Hong Kong?

Done is almost always better than perfect. What I can see of your quilt in the photo looks great!

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