Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How To Sew on Scout Patches

No more aching fingers! Here are my tips:

1. Use a sewing machine.
2. Put in a large needle, size 100, or a denim needle.
3. Fill the bobbin with thread that matches the color of the vest.
4. Get out different colors of top thread to match the borders of the patches.
5. Gather all the safety pins you own.
6. Arrange patches in their proper position or in a pleasing design.
7. Arrange on a hard surface that can be poked by safety pins.
8. Keep the vest or sash flat, with nothing under it.
9. Carefully pin each patch with two safety pins. Two will keep it level and in position. Really. Take the time to do this.
10. Sew! Stitch on the border of the patch. Overlap the beginning stitches for one inch to secure it. Hold the threads as you start sewing to prevent snafus on the back.

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winterswisper said...

Thanks for the tutorial. It is VERY clear. I would never have known to skip the seams when sewing the blocks together. You are an awesome teacher Stef!

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