Sunday, November 30, 2008

Giving gifts

One of my favorite gifts to give girls is a sewing kit.

Why I think girls love receiving these:

#1) It's their very own. No bugging Mom or Gram or Auntie.
#2) Mom can't accuse them of losing or ruining her best sewing scissors.
#3) Good tools work better.
#4) No-rules creativity is the best.
#5) Even a girl without a sewer in the house can start making stuff-all by herself!
#6) No sewing machine needed.

What I like to include:

  • Really good scissors. Clover makes some 7" pink handled scissors that are adorable.

  • Quality thread. Anyone who's ever fought with thread understands this. None of the five for $1 spools.

  • Pins and needles. I have become hooked on English hand sewing needles. They glide.

  • Fabric: scraps, bundles, thrift store finds. Cotton is easier to sew on.

  • One starter project or pattern or idea: pre-cut quilt squares, directions to make a tote bag or purse.

  • If you sew, a coupon for a sewing lesson.

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