Tuesday, August 26, 2008


As a gal who can't resist a bargain, I picked up some beautiful fabrics-in the form of pants and tops-at a thrift store sale. After cutting the clothes into 6" squares, I assembled them into lap sized quilts.

I love making quilts out of old clothes. Finding a good mix of colors is a challenge. And recycling is always good!

This is the only way my great grandmother and grandmother knew how to make quilts-out of old clothes.

How to:

  • Wash first.

  • Cut as many 6" squares as possible, piece a few 6" squares together with the scraps.

  • Use 7+ different fabrics; Try to find a stripe, a plaid, a dot, and a floral.

  • Randomly sew together pairs, then build 4 square blocks. Sew the 4 square blocks into rows.

  • To make a cozy lap sized quilt, use four 4 square blocks by six 4 square blocks.

  • Use an old flannel sheet for the batting.

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Janet said...

Hi, I like the name of your blog. The name of mine is Writing in the Blackberry Patch.
I make quilts out of old blue jeans and I add other materials too. When I'm in a thrift store I'm usually looking at the material the clothes are made out of in place of if they will fit me or not.

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